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Memoirs of Flavio the 2nd

Born in 57 in Marseille France, I am part of the later Baby Boomers, or post WWII generation. They say as we age we get wiser. I’d like to think that I am much wiser than I used to be. My first steps into the adult world were full of passion and action. Events, traumas, and positive influences is what motivated me to become the happy, but objective senior I am today.

Back in Time


My earliest childhood memory takes place in Algeria (not sure what city we were living in).  It was night.  I woke up to the windows flying in pieces and the sound of machine gun. Immediately, my paternal grand mother (Seraphina) who was visiting, pushed me under the bed, and crawled under holding my baby brother (Patrick) I recall going to Judo class on a military base.

Our life in Algeria was certainly very hectic, from the memories I have. I couldn’t have been more than 5 years old when my father (Gilbert), decided to cross the border and go to Morocco, where my paternal grand father (Guiseppe) had a very large construction company. As he was driving through mountain roads, a black Citroen Traction passed us at high speed. A few turns later, the car was across the road, and a group of women in black hijab (they obviously were not women), standing in front of it, pulled rifles and started shooting at our car. My father stopped, and reversed at high speed yelling at us to get down. He then turned the car (Citroen DS) around and drove very fast away from them.


Most of my happiest childhood memories take place in Morocco. It was at the time a beautiful country with mostly beautiful people. While in Morocco, I spent most of my time with my Nanny (Fatima). She was a very caring woman.  Her family members too were very welcoming people. I say welcoming because, I often visited them. She became part of the household when father worked for a Caterpillar dealer in Mechra Bel Ksiri.

Our first lodging was at my grand mother’s hotel in port Lyautey. There, she lived with her 2nd son, my uncle Flavio (the 1st of the generation). I had never met my uncle (my father’s brother) before, and what a character he was. I think I got the daring aspect of my behavior from him. 

The hotel was a 2-3 story building with a rooftop terrace to hang out, eat diner, etc… Flavio used to often climb the side of the building to surprise us. A Daredevil is what he was for sure, and that impressed me.