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Our World is Awakening

Created in August 2018.  When Current Events, Science, History, and Scriptures intersect, they deserve to be written about. Seek the truth through all the lies.

BitChute Video Channel

BitChute is a competitor to the Monopoly that was YouTube.  Many YouTubers who saw their accounts demonetized or simply shut down, moved to the non censored BitChute.  Even though I wasn’t using the monetizing feature and wasn’t shut down, I opened an account just by principle to fight Monopoly. Click to View my BitChute channel

Blogger by Google

Created in 2012.  Changing World received the new title: Our World is Awakening in 2016.  Still to this day receives over 2000 visits a month.  At it’s peak there were nearly 4000 visits a month.  As of now, it was viewed over 61,000 times with the following countries as top viewers:

  1. United States: 40962
  2. Canada: 4020
  3. Germany: 2412
  4. Russia: 1736
  5. France: 1627
  6. Ukraine: 1418
  7. Brazil: 1317
  8. United Arab Emirates: 1083
  9. Peru: 510
  10. Poland: 474

Flat Earth Q&A

2012 was the year I finally understood that government controlled medias were propaganda machines (almost or all of Main Stream Media).  Election primaries of that year showed how they manipulate elections, and it was too obvious (any one who followed Ron Paul saw it).  Since I started questioning every thing, I cane across Flat Earth Vs. the bad science we were taught.

The Florida Minutemen

Another Google site, with the purpose of organizing and structuring the Florida Minutemen.  Created in 2014, it was the basis for a nationwide (United States Minutemen) call to organize.